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To take painkillers or not, that is a question for many.

painkiller-neededPain is a uniquely personal experience that anyone can relate to having a similar feeling, but can never know the exact acuteness of it that you do. Sciatica for example is a type of pain that many people are familiar with, it starts in the lower back and can extend down to the toes. Yet, not all people perceive pain the same way, some people have a high tolerance to it, while others are very sensitive to those nerve impulses that are responsible for the sensation. For those who sufferer frequent acute and short term periods of pain, or who have chronic painful conditions with both acute and mild periods of pain, it often comes down to a question of pain control. Many people are confronted with the question of whether or not they should use painkillers and if so, how much of the pain do they want to try and alleviate?

Steps patients can take to find what works best for them.

The first step many patients take in trying to manage a painful condition is to try over the counter remedies first. Painkillers such as paracetamol are often a first line effort to manage pain. When that fails, if its available in an over the counter dosage, patients tend to buy Co-Codamol. It contains both paracetamol and codeine, which is an opioid.

If the lowest available dose seems to have better results than other over the counter treatments, but still does not provide satisfactory relief, they can talk with their doctor about using prescription strength doses of Co-Codamol for their mild to moderate pain control needs.

Many patients can find adequate relief or more easily manageable pain levels with the prescription strength combination medications that contain paracetamol and codeine. Working with your doctor, or even through a registered online pain clinic, patients can easily find medication that can suit their needs and reclaim activities in life that have been limited by pain. But be aware, taking pain medications can lead to problems.  If you think you are addicted to painkillers, you might try this useful FAQ at WebMD that deals with the myths surrounding that controversial topic.

Where is the best place to buy medications like Co-Codamol?

painintheneckMany people will develop a relationship with their doctor and pharmacist that they can trust, mainly in part because they are assured they are legitimate and held to certain standards. For people though, that are limited by mobility issues, or that have to travel an uncomfortable distance to their doctor, they can make use of online pain clinics. RXExpress is one such site that is fully registered with the UK Government and employs only qualified doctors and is partnered with a registered pharmacy. You can have a free online consultation with one of their doctors, and if they feel prescription painkillers are right for you, will issue a prescription that allows you to purchase the medication from their affiliated pharmacy. Once the order is approved and paid for, it is shipped free of charge to any location in the UK or Europe. Most orders are received within 24 hours.

Is it better to use an online pain clinic?

Nothing can ever fully replace having a primary care doctor that has your medical history and knows you personally. But, just because it is conducted through an online process does not mean you cannot build a sense of rapport with the staff. Most are very friendly and empathetic to your needs.

For people that live in remote areas but still need help managing their pain, it is the ideal way to seek and receive treatment. People who suffer from joint problems that limit their mobility find that being able to have their medication shipped directly and expediently to them makes using an online clinic one of the best decisions made when it comes to their well being.